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Tools, experience and resources to develop Information Technology projects that can improve your productivity.

Our goal is to become an IT partner able to offer to its customers services of highest quality within the frame of a long-term business relationship based on trust and professionalism.


Our Services

  • e-Business development

    We can help strengthen your competitive edge as you grow your business operations. Building an e-business means to find a solution that provides a fast and cost-effective way to access, integrate and backup your valuable data.

  • IT Consulting Services

    We provide you with the tools, experience and resources to develop targeted Information Technology initiatives that can improve productivity and systems management. Manage complex communications networks, have better control over IT costs and the capacity to accommodate future growth.

  • Fully dedicated HW & SW customer support

    With great design must come even better support. We are here for you 24/7 so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or sudgestions.


e-Business development

Complete solutions for building a competitive and cost-effective e-business infrastructure

IT Consulting

We have the tools, experience and resources to develop Information Technology projects that
can improve productivity and systems management.

Network Consulting

  • Use our services to learn how to manage complex communications networks and connectivity more effectively

  • Receive a complete network assessment including strategy, architecture and design

  • Get advice on how to keep your network up and running smoothly

Performance enhancement

  • We help you ensure top performance of your systems, networks, and business applications

  • Make certain you have the capacity to accommodate future growth

  • Better control over IT costs, and increased user satisfaction

Hardware & Software support

We offer a wide range of services to help your business run smoothly. We support you for both hardware and software products at every stage of the product life cycle.

These services are designed to help you make your IT systems operational in a fastest, professional way. Our experience in IBM and selected non-IBM operating systems software and middleware products will be at your service to plan and design a your IT environment.

Our cetified specialists help you make your IT systems operational with expert hardware and software services.

Provides on-site implementation and startup services to help accelerate the productive use of your hardware and/or software.

A migration entails changing your applications and data so that they wil be compatible with the new operating systems and/or hardware systems. Our specialists can address your needs in areas such: hardware/software/data conversion, LAN environment etc.

Networking and Connectivity Services assist you in planning, designing, implementing and supporting your e-business networking solutions.

Repairs your IT equipment when failures or problems occur and offers you warranty and preventive service maintenance options for hardware likely to need repair in short term.

Businesses today are faced with the critical need to ensure the availability and continuous operation of their business systems in spite of planned downtime for maintenance and unplanned downtime due to disk crashes, CPU failures or catastrophic losses of their computing facilities or communications networks. We will help you identify your mission-critical systems and develop methods to ensure their availability and continuous operation.

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